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New Releases

  • Youngsook SONG <i>Meditation</i>

    Youngsook SONG Meditation Youngsook SONG(photo), Jerry Uelsmann(text) 2018-02-22 KRW 130,000

  • Could Not Have Left Them Behind

    Could Not Have Left Them Behind PARK Youngsook(photo), YANG Hyosil(text) 2017-12-16 KRW 45,000

  • Four Edges Shadow

    Four Edges Shadow Woongu KANG 2017-09-16 90,000KRW

  • Josef Koudelka Gypsies

    Josef Koudelka Gypsies Josef Koudelka, Stuart Alexander (text) 2016-12-17 KRW 65,000


  • bLow UP aMeriKa
    HWANG bLow UP aMeriKa
  • 蓮.PADMA
  • Magnum's First
    Magnum's First
  • 홍순태 사진집: 오늘도 서울을 걷는다
  • 대한제국 황실사진전


Ga-Hyeon Foundation of Culture has made lots of endeavors to the publication as well as the exhibition to introduce photographs on artistic, academic, and historic value to Korea and worldwide. The publication by Ga-Hyeon Foundation of Culture has illuminated the highlights of Korean photography ranging from the modern photographs of Korea to contemporary artists works. Diverse catalogues and photographic books such as <Camera Work> series, modern photography of Korea, and special exhibition catalogues are devoted to convey the originals with the highest quality.

Camera Work Series

Since 2004 <Camera Work> series was related to the exhibitions of The Museum of Photography, Seoul. The series are created for students and general public interested in photography as well as professionals to easily contact and enjoythe exhibitions and the introduction of selected artists works by The Museum of Photography, Seoul. In addition, they are published for introducing Korean artists to overseas experts interested in Korean photography, providing a kind of showcase and further enlightenment for their works.