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Photographs of Daehan Imperial
  • Author:  The Museum of Phtography, Seoul, Park Jong Ki(compilation) ; Park Jong Ki, Lee Won Bok(author) ; Kim Kyu Jin(photography)
  • Published:  2009-03-07
  • Size:  240x165mm
  • Pages:  109 Pages
  • Language:  Korean
  • ISBN:  978-89-93748-16-1 94660
  • Price:  16,500 Won


This book contains the photographs of Daehan Imperial Family. The words of ‘Photographs of Daehan Imperial’ call portraits of the emperor and the imperial family, anniversary photographs or event photographs. But in this book, it covers also Chosun Dynasty and Lee Dynasty. You may find the portraits of the Emperor Gojong, Soonjong, Yeonchinwang, Yi Wu, the landscapes of the major palace including Gyeonbokgung Palace, visiting and inspection of the Emperor and the state funeral in the book.



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