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Cheonyondang Photo Studio 100th Anniversary
  • Author:  The Museum of Phtography, Seoul, Park Jong Ki(compilation) ; Park Jong Ki, Lee Won Bok(author) ; Kim Kyu Jin(photography)
  • Published:  2007-07-07
  • Size:  240×165mm
  • Pages:  100 Pages
  • Language:  Korean
  • ISBN:  978-89-93748-15-4 94660
  • Price:  16,500 Won


Chonyondang Photo Studio 100th anniversary is published for celebrating 100th anniversary of Chonyondang Photo Studio. The exhibits and research data of Chonyondang Photo Studio 100th anniversary are included in the book. Chonyondang Photo Studio is established by royal painter KIM Gyujin in 17 August 1907. It was representative photo studio of Chosun dynasty. Even though Chonyondang Photo Studio opened only 10years, it was important opportunity that photo studio in Chosun could develop quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Chonyondang Photo Studio is significant point in history of Korean photography. It will be chance to look over history of Korean photography with photographs and data.



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