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The Korean Photographs
from Museum Collection
  • Author:  The Museum of Photogaraphy, Seoul(compilation) ; Lee Tae Jin(author)
  • Published:  2006-09-23
  • Size:  268×215mm
  • Pages:  254 Pages
  • Language:  Korean, English
  • ISBN
  • Price:  Not for Sale


The Korean Photographs from the Museum Collection contains some 200 modern photographs from the 1880s to the 1940s, taking us back to the beginning of the Korean history of photography, out of over 6,000 pieces in our modern photography collection. This book contained valuable photographs from portraits of the Korean imperial family: Emperor Gojong, prince Yi Woo and princess Park Chanjoo to portraits of Photographer Ji Unyeong, portraits of various photo studio, family photographs, commemorative photographs like graduation and wedding. You may read at The Museum of Photography, Seoul.


10_A Message from the Director ⎢ Song Youngsook Director, The Museum of Photography, Seoul
14_Modern Korean History and Photography ⎢ Dr. Yi Taejin Professor of History, Seoul National University
27_The Korean Imperial Family
51_The Early Years of Korean Photography 1880s-1940s

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