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Korea photography education: <br/>reminiscence and outlook

Korea photography education:
reminiscence and outlook
-Korea photography education 100th anniversary scholar symposium

2010 is the 100th anniversary since the first photography department open at, Hwangsung young men's christian association (Currently the YMCA found in 1903) in 1910. As remembrance of this event, the KIPC conducted the Korea photography education 100th anniversary technology symposium, “The footsteps of Korea photography education: reminiscence and outlook”

  • Organized by : The Society of Korean Photography, Korea Association for Photography Education, Korea Institute of Photography & Culture
  • Sponsored by : Hanmi Medicare, Museum of Photography, Seoul, Monthly Photography
  • Speaker :Kyung-min Lee, Sang-kyu Kang, Jung-sik Han, Si-jun Ahn, Young-Jun Lee, Hye-Yeon Hyun
  • Host : Byungdon Son
  • Date : October 30, 2010, 10am~5pm
  • Venue :Hanmi Tower 2F, 45 Bang-i-dong

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