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Subject OPENING of SPECTRUM7 Joong-Won Choi [ə|pɑ:rtmənt] Date / 2012/AUG/11 Hit / 1346

SPECTRUM introduces seven Korean photographers whom one should pay attention in contemporary art scene.

They are Taek Lim, Jae-Kyeong Kim, Oksun Kim, Duck Hun HWA, Jeonglok LEE, Nanda, and Joongwon Choi,

and MOP (The Museum of Photography, Seoul) has held their solo exhibitions respectively

from October 2011 through September 2012 under the title ‘SPECTRUM’.

Each exhibition reflects unique way of approaching to and dealing with photography by each artist.

They compose the photo scene in Korea today, where can be likened to a spectrum with different rays and colors.

The last show of SPECTRUM, photographer Joong-Won Choi’s [ə|pɑ:rtmənt] is held for this time with her very recent work series.

The exhibition opens 14th july 2012 and continues through first September.