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The 30th Anniversary of Korea-Russia Diplomatic Relations, The Centennial of Korean Art Photography, 1920-2020

2020/DEC/19 - 2021/MAR/21

: The State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Curated by
: The Museum of Photography, Seoul
: Ilyoung HYUN, Haichang JUNG, Ungsik LIMB, HWANG Kyu-Tae, Myung Duck JOO, Woongu KANG, Bohnchang KOO , Sanghyun LEE, Kyungwoo CHUN , Chan-Hyo BAE
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To mark the Year of Friendship (the 30th anniversary) between Russia and the Republic of Korea, The State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO and The Museum of Photography, Seoul will organize cross exhibitions on Korean and Russian photography later this year. The two exhibitions will be the first grand scale shows introducing both countries’ history of photography with large selection of remarkable original works. The Korean show for ROSPHOTO in Russia will be held on September 2020 with approximately 60 works of 10 representative Korean artists. This special exhibition The Centennial of Korean Fine-art Photography provides viewer with a look into a centennial passage of Fine-art photography in South Korea from 1920s to the present. The show consists of three parts, which indicate the decisive moments in its development; , and . With the selection of artists from early masters to contemporary ones freely crossing the line between photography and Fine-art, this show will present a multifaced look of Korean photography in three different periods.