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Sanghyun LEE

lives and works in Seoul

Hoschule der Kunst(Tajiri class), Berlin 1990
Meisterschuler(bel Rebecca Horn)

ISCP in New York
Jangheung residency, korea
International residency, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
1st The Hanmi Photography Award, Seoul
Gana residency, Seoul
Cite International des Arts, Paris
Grant, U-kyung Art & Culture Foundation, Seoul
5th Kim Sae Jung Young Sculptor Prize, Seoul
Waldenser Atelier I,Berlin

Collection Related Publications

Solo Exhibitions

2009 3000 Court Ladies, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2008 Empire and Joseon, The Museum of Photography, Seoul
The Mirror of Korea, Art&Research, Korea National Institute of Science and Technology
2007 Nine Clouds Dream, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
Nine Clouds Dream, Stone Museum, Jeju island, Korea
The Great General JungHae “Honey Honey Honey”, window, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2005 The Self Meditated Portrait of Korean Historical Epic, Gallery Chosun, Seoul
2000 The Historyof Salt Dessert&Telematic Nomad, Inaugural exhibition of Insa Art Center, Seoul
1995 The Earth-Moon Rising, Galerie J& J Donguy, Paris

Selected Group Exhibitions

2009 Magnetic Power, Asian Contemporary Media Art Project, Asian-Korean Center, Seoul
Body Language, Touch Art Gallery, Seoul
Problem, Dr.Park Gallery, Seoul
Magical Moment Korean Express, Hanover Messe, Germany
Art Dubai 2009, Dubai

2008 Video 25, Gana Art Gallery, Korea international Art Fair
A Diary of Earth Exploration, Gwacheon National Science Museum
Artists, What is Science for you?, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, KAIST
Corporeal Technoreal, Mediations Biennale in Poland
60 years of korean Photography history, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
A Midsummer night’s Dream, Grau Gallery, Seoul
El Punto del Compas , Sala de Arte publico Siqeiros Mexico, Fundation Ludwig de Cuba
New acquisitions-collection reconstructed, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
Peripatetic Amusement, Pre-Yangpyeong Eco Art Festival, Korea
Photo Hoto, Gallery sun Contemporary, Seoul
2007 Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
Parody@Beiing, Complex 798 Art Festival, Dimention Art Center, Beijing
The Voyage of Fogotten Combatent, 40 years of Performance History on Korea, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
The Edge of Sensation-a slight movement, Simon Gallery, Seoul
The painting of Hermit riding on the Cow, “Art Now 2007”, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
2006 Wake up Andy Warhol, Ssamzie, Seoul
Daegu 1st International Photo Biennale, Korea
Laser-Multimedia Project Fantashia Corea, National Assembly building, Seoul
Light & Art, World Expo, China
Korea Fantasy, Image Theater, Coreana Art Museum, Seoul
Little Siddhartha, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
2005 Nine Party, Gana Residency, Seoul
Kult Fablik White Box, Muchen, Germany
Pocheon Asian Art Festival, Pochun City, Korea
From the fail of Berlin to DMZ, Olympic Art Museum, Jeonju National Museum, Korea
Inaugural exhibition, K-Art Space, Seoul
2004 Light-Environment, Seoul Broadcasting System, Korea
Alice in my Heart, Ssamzie Art Walfare, Seoul
Self Secession, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
Open Studio, Gana Residency, Seoul
Red, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
1997 Main Actor in Film Lies
(This Film didn’t release to the poblic under the Censorship of Goverment, In 1999 this film released for the first time in the 59th Venice International film Festival. act in several films)Besides, Publication a book The story of I love a Girl in the Film
1996 Origin and Myth of Fire, The Museum of Modern Art in Saitama, Japan
Korea International Art Fair, Coex
Contemplation, Joongang Biennale Special Exhibition, Hoan Art Museum, Seoul
Arles Photo Festival, France
Star way, Laser Projection, Seoul
Rebel against Space, 95 year Fine Art, Ministry of Culture, Korea
~1994 Museum of Hankook, Gallery Sae, Museum of Hanlim, Sunjae Art Museum Kyungju, Gallery To, Gallery Horst Dietrich Berlin, Obere Gallery Berlin, Montrouge France


2009 Tears of fallen blossoms, 3min
3000 dancing in Paradise,3.30min
2008 25.3min
Gabrielle d’Esteree’s Nirvana, 6.58min
Venus of Joseon, 5.09min
2007 Sleep, 8hours
Warhol and Me, 27min
Orient Express, 4.07min
The Painting of Hermit riding on the Cow, 14.50min
Nostalgia, 11.12min
2006 The Downfall of Joseon Dynasty, 120min
Korea Fantasy, 10.37min
2002~2003 HAPPY Die(Science fiction screen play), Schin-Cine
2003 Dragon Warrior(Screen play for Bruce Lee Project), Schin-Cine
2001 Peach blossom & Spring Dream(flim noire screen play), Oz
1998 Main actor Lies, Acted as a cameo or supporting actor in several films

Film Screening

2009 Magnetic Power Asian Media Art Project, Asian Korean Center, Seoul
2008 Mediations Biennale Old Printing Factory, Poznan, Poland
Korea National Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul
2007 ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
2006 The Museum of Photography, Seoul
Ssamzie-gil, Seoul

Selected Performance

2007 The Painting of Hermit riding on the Cow, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
The Voyage forgotten Combatant, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2006 Little Siddhartha, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
2000 The History of Sault desert and Telematic Nomad, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
1988 The Encounter of Goddesse of Andromedae. The Total Art Museum, Seoul
1987 Dream-Summer Night-Orient, Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin
1986 Murdered Fish, Oebere Gallery, Berlin

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Art Fair and Auction

Christies, London 2009
Art Dubai, Dubai 2009
Kiaf, Seoul 2008
Auction Byul, Seoul 2008
Singapore Art Fair 2008
SIPA, Seoul 2008
Scope Basel, Switzerland 2008
Sh Contemporary 07, Shanghai Art Fair International Contemporary Art, China 2007
SIPA, Seoul 2006
Melbourne Art Fair 2004
Kiaf, Seoul 1996