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Woongu KANG

A few years ago, KANG Woongu concluded that he has fulfilled his “compulsory service” as a
photographer in this world. Ever since, he says, he has been having more fun with
photography. His ensuing works could be viewed as aftershock tremors. His thoughts,
experienced and accumulated over a long period, permeate the photography of KANG’s late
years. His later work, therefore, is just as notable as what came before.
Since 1962, KANG has shown his work at numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. By
lifting the burden of Western theories of photography and developing an indigenous visual
language, he has pioneered photojournalism and auteurist photography in Korea. KANG refers
to himself as a “photographer working exclusively to meet domestic demand.” His artistic
inquiries indeed reflect this perspective, which would also contain his message, against the
current overflow of photographic works stripped of a sense of identity in the name of
“internationalization” and “globalization,” of resistance.

Collection Related Publications

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Gyeongju Namsan:Black and White Edition, Ryugaheon
2011 Vintage Landscapes: Silla's Neung(Grave), Samgukyusa,
and Mt. Namsan in Gyeongju,GoEun Museum of Photography, Busan, Korea
2008 Embracing Evening, The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Korea
2001 The Images of Three Villages, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
1998 Through the Unsettling Land-Mindscape, Gallery Hakkojae, Seoul, Korea
1994 Luck or Destiny, Gallery Hakkojae, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions

2008 Contemporary Korean Photographys: 1948-2008, National Museum of
Contemporary Art,Gwacheon, Korea
2001 7 Outstanding Korean Photographers, Howart Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1999 The Segment of Time, Seonam Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1997 The Cultral Heritage: From Today’s Perspective, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1995 Photography Today, Artsonje Museum, Gyeongju, Korea
1995 Quality · Quantity · Sensation, National Museum of Contemporary Art,
Gwacheon, Korea


2016 Gyeongju Namsan:Black and White Edition, Youlhwadang Publishers
2011 Vintage Landscapes: Silla's Neung, Samgukyusa, and Gyeongju Namsan,
2008 Embracing Evening, Youlhwadang
2006 The Images of Three Villages, and thirty years later, Youlhwadang
2001 The Images of Three Villages,Youlhwadang
1998 Through the Unsettling Land-Mindscape, Hakkojae
1994 Luck or Destiny, Youlhwadang
1987 Mt. Namsan, Gyeongju, Youlhwadang
1978 Neowajip(Shingle-roofed Houses) in Naeseorak(Inner Seorak), Gwangjang

Other Publications

2010 Essays on Photography, Youlhwadang
2008 Trip of Nature, Kachi
2004 Light of Time, Munhakdongne