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Exhibition Programs / List

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  • 201902교육 사진.jpg

    What is Beautiful?

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  • 201.jpg

    작가와 나의 콜라보

    작품을 읽고 감상하는 과정에서 느껴지는 다양한 감정을 낱말카드를 이용해 표현해보고 나의 감성을 담은 작품으로 재해석해보는 시간

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  • DSC02944.jpg

    가족대상 프로그램 ‘Sweet Home, 우리 집을 지어요’

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  • 김한용_리스트.gif

    I am an advertising planner

    〈I am, an advertising planner〉 program let participants look into past advertisements through the exhibition Kim Han-Yong:Commercial Photography & the Birth of Consumer, and try to be an advertising planner taking pictures of products, writing advertising copy.

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  • 예술가의초상_리스트.jpg

    〈Making Road map of My Life〉with Image of Artists

    Making ‘Road map of My Life’ with Image of Artists Education program related to the exhibition Yook Myong-Shim Image of Artists let participants make road map of one’s own life with various artists’ portraits looking into their inner side. Furthermore, voluntarily deve...

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  • new_worlds_리스트.jpg

    〈My New World〉

    ‘My New World’ Education program related to Korea-Australia exchange exhibition for 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations: New Worlds, has an opportunity to look through Australia’s past, present, and future, make the imaginary future of my residence to take a picture.

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  • 이자벨위페르_리스트.jpg

    〈Talk about Self-portrait〉

    Talk about Self-portrait ‘Talk about Self-portrait’ is the program related to the exhibition Isabelle Huppert: Woman of Many Faces, photographic portraits of an actress by more than 70 great artists, requires students’ voluntary participation with creativity. It consists of taking pi...

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  • 민병헌_리스트.jpg

    〈Cut and pasted Landscape Photography〉

    ‘Cut and pasted Landscape Photography’ ‘Cut and pasted Landscape Photography’ related to the exhibition Byunghun Min: Waterfall, about nature such as waterfall, tree, and fog, is to make black and white landscape photography to cut and paste forms of nature following the artist’s wor...

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