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Exhibition Programs

The Museum of Photography, Seoul holds a variety of educational programs and events collaborating with exhibitions for kids, teenagers,
				and elementary, middle, and high school teachers.

Photo Kids

This program encourages kids to encounter with diverse activities, related to exhibitions. Furthermore, this program let the kids to develop their creativity and problem solving ability as well as diverse interpretations and reading skills of photographs.

Photo Teens

This program encourages students to foster correct understanding on photography and emotional development through the art and culture. The education through photography engages in writing, critical thinking as well as reading visual literacy to make vision for other art media.

Teacher Resources

This seminar is an exceptional resource for those at all levels of experience in teaching, to inform educators about the many possibilities and interdisciplinary applications of exhibition-related education in school and after school settings with introduction on the exhibition concept and contents and analysis of educational texts. In addition, it offers curriculum connections with exhibitions and suggests possible various plans and activities in each class and museum.


This exhibition-related program targets to the public involving specialists and devotee in photography. The program promotes an in-depth view on an exhibition with a variety of contents and forms including professional symposiums and artist talks.