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Hanmi Photography  Academy

Hanmi Photography Academy encourages in-depth understanding of the technical and aesthetic possibilities of photography and an individual's capability to create and visualize non-objective ideas in the realm of photography. The Academy offers a range of opportunities to develop one's knowledge of photography focusing on professional applications such as photographic work production, shooting assignments, and critical review as well as basics of photography.

step1 Camera Talk

Learning basics and techniques
of photography

Camera shooting practice

Understanding fundamentals and mechanisms of camera

Learning to make exposures of landscapes, portraits, and commemorative photographs with a camera.

step1 Camera Talk

Developing photographic

Work review

Integrative understanding of significance of photography as art and photographic

Learning basic techniques for printing

step1 Camera Talk

Work production based on
creative ideas and concepts

Work review and exhibition

Establishing a creative concept

Training for fine print

Learning practical knowledge of selecting works for an exhibition

step1 Camera Talk

Special lecture series by photo-
graphers, art critics and theorists

Portfolio-making and exhibition

Understanding the contemporary photographic trends

Improving portfolio-making ability

Learning the practical knowledge of exhibitions