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The Museum of Photography, Seoul Collection

The Museum of Photography, Seoul is the first exclusive photography museum in Korea established by Ga-Hyeon Foundation of Culture, engaged in a variety of activities such as artist supports, educational programs, publications, and international networks as well as exhibitions. Moreover, the museum has relied on efforts to create a systematic establishment of the history of Korean photography by supporting Korean artists and excavating historically valuable photographs and by historiographical publication to encourage the research in academy.
The Museum of Photography, Seoul contains invaluable historic photography of early Korean history of photography from about 1880 through the 1940s which vividly shows our history and life.
The Museum of Photography, Seoul has consistently collects and researches the modern photographs to represent Korean modern history as well as the history of Korean photography. The collection is strongest in its holdings of the documentary photographs by the unknown photographer at the late 19th century and also includes the contemporary artistic works. In addition, the collection comprise artistically and historically valuable works of international and Korean photographers and present them in exhibitions and publications.
Especially, the primary purpose of the collection of Ga-Hyeon Foundationof Culture is to establish a significant composition following the trend of i-nternational and Korean photography. The collection focuses on academic values for the research of history of international and Korean photograp-hy. Moreover, the museum will do the best to foster Korean photography expanding the realm of collection concentrating on major artists works in the history of Korean photography and world major ones and also international contemporary artists works.

Historical Photography

The collection consist a distinctive survey of the historical photographs from about 1880 to the 1940s before liberation from Japan.
Portraits of the Great Korean imperial family remain as an important media to convey the history and life at that time showing coexistence of the t-radition and the modern in the era of modernization. And Cheonyoundang photo studio is the representative photography studio in Korea founded in August 17th, 1907 by the calligraphy painter, Haekang Kyujin Kim, where the rare pictures had been taken for 10 years that inspires to revive the root of the early history of Korean photography.

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Selected artist collection

The Museum of Photography, Seoul is dedicated to contain comprehensive archives of the works of an artist. The Museum has concentrated on a consistency with researching the artists works that convey artistic trends and characteristics at the time, collecting the artists representative series ranging from the Korean contemporary artists' works including pioneers of Korean Photography after the Korean war, 1945 such as Hyoungrok Lee, Bumtae Jung and the world-renowned artists works such as Eugène Atget's vintage photographs in 1900's as well as contemporary artists works in Eastern Europe.

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