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cover registration number Title author publisher publication date
Digital Typography HM001320 Hot Issues of Contemporary Photography Jin Dong seon 2002
Digital Typography HM001319 Kim Mun Sik; Kim Ji Young; Park Rye Gyeong;Song Ji Won; Sim Seung Gu; Lee En Joo 2011
Digital Typography HM001318 theresa kim: 1978-2010 Kim Tere Sa 2011
Digital Typography HM001317 Yook Myong-Shim Yook Myeong Shim 2011
Digital Typography HM001316 Contemporary Cultures of Display (edited by)Emma Barker New Haven:Yale University Press 1999
Digital Typography HM001315 Hirshhorn,Medici from Brooklyn (a biography by)Barry Hyams New York:E.P.Dutton 1979
Digital Typography HM001314 (Introduction to)Object ID:Guidelines for Making Records that Describe Art, Antiques, and Antiquities Robin Thornes;Peter Dorrell;Henry Lie Getty Information Institute 1999
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